Thailand is the mecca of Muay Thai. This country has perhaps the richest history of stand-up martial arts, and its national sport of Muay Thai transcends sport itself; it is an integral part of Thailand’s culture and heritage.

Phuket and Patong Beach are no different. This island is a hotbed of Muay Thai, and regarding Patong Beach in particular, this coastal resort boasts renowned national champions such as Penek and Penthai, and both the two major Muay Thai stadiums on this island are located in Patong; the stadium bearing the town’s name, and also Bangla Boxing Stadium. These are indisputably two of the most notable Muay Thai arenas outside of Bangkok’s two national stadiums, and plenty of Lumpinee and Rajadamnern Stadium fighters – the best in Bangkok – compete here as well, as well as international stars and local Phuket fighters of both foreign and Thai persuasion alike.


So what is it about Muay Thai that makes you want to train it in Patong Beach?

The sport is considered by many to be the most complete and effective stand-up striking martial art system in the world. Known and respected as “The Science of Eight Limbs”, Muay Thai boxers are taught to attack with fists, legs, knees and elbows, with a wide array of punching, kicking, kneeing and elbow offensive manoeuvres. Defensively, blocks with the shins and elbows led practitioners of other martial arts, after competing against Thai boxers, name them “Men of Stone”.

There is also a real beauty and elegance to Muay Thai that many fail to appreciate until they come to Thailand. The art of eight limbs can be used to devastating effect, but performed properly by professionals and the speed and precision of the techniques is a sight to behold. Some of the higher scoring attacks such as sweeps and knees to the body can be set up by feints, the effortless flow of the combinations that skilled Thais put together is brilliant, and seeing top level Nak Muays (boxers) such as Saenchai and the like execute these moves in such exquisite fashion really shows what Muay Thai can be, and is, all about. Elite Nak Muays and the sport and art of Muay Thai executed with elegance and skill really puts the “art” in “martial art”.

Well-executed Muay Thai can be the most beautiful and fluid martial arts attack you could hope to see, and watching two skilled practitioners competing against each other is a great spectacle. And nowhere on earth is that spectacle superior to Thailand.

Beyond the two national stadiums, you can watch free televised Muay Thai every Sunday on Channel 7; this can often be the high-watermark of the sport, as the Ch.7 combatants are generally rising youngsters who are hungry for glory and a shot in the Rajadamnern or Lumpinee Stadiums, and before a nationally televised audience put on great displays of heart and skill.

Here at Maximum Gym MMA & Muay Thai training camp, Patong Beach, Phuket, we offer Muay Thai tuition from true fighting veterans of the ring, who were raised into the Muay Thai lifestyle and have lived and breathed the (national) sport all their lives since childhood. There is absolutely no doubting that regardless of your current skillset, you WILL leave Maximum Gym and Patong, Phuket with a significant increase in your ability, a vastly improved skillset and a greater degree of fitness, strength and overall improvements to your physical condition.

Few sports and martial arts get you in quite as good a physical condition as does a serious approach to Muay Thai; undertaking it in the mecca of Muay Thai itself, here at Maximum Gym under our experienced veteran coaches is a surefire way to whip yourself into tremendous physical condition whilst learning a new skill from men who mastered the craft.

Maximum Fitness & Combat Centre’s own Muay Thai coaching staff are all well known fighters and trainers, all with 200 or 300+ fights and years of experience coaching in the various provinces of Thailand. They have competed at the very highest level of the sport, in Bangkok and elsewhere in Thailand, and all offer great insight, wisdom and technique; the full coaching package regarding being introduced to the sport. And with roughly three-hundred fights and two decades apiece as competitors, they are the ideal men to guide aspiring fighters through the process of competing in Muay Thai here in Phuket, Thailand.

With our genuinely WORLD class facilities – as our photo gallery and testimonials can confirm – and the expert staff at our disposal, not only will you be in safe hands during your Muay Thai odyssey in Thailand but you will be learning the craft in what must surely be the best location in Thailand as a whole; right on the beach and the Andaman Sea, in a state of the art gym equipped as well as any other. Maximum Gym Patong is as attractive an option as you will currently find in the whole of Thailand.


You came to Thailand to learn – or at least improve your skills at – Muay Thai.

Thailand is the very mecca of Muay Thai; the sport’s finest practitioners both come from, and generally compete in, Thailand. This is the destination of so many martial artists looking to optimise their striking abilities, and for both a wonderful holiday in an exotic East-Asian country while training and learning an ancient martial craft, there is simply nowhere better on earth than Thailand.

But do you want to take it to the next level? Do you want to compete in this most unforgiving and beautiful stand-up fightsport in its mecca? Do you want to fight Muay Thai in Thailand?

Here, if you are ready, we will give you the opportunity.

The training required for competition-level Muay Thai is extremely advanced and difficult, requiring dedication; attendance at the running program and overall fight conditioning, technique class, clinch training, sparring, bagwork and padwork drills, one-on-one training with your own personal trainer to develop your technique and strengths.

A well-balanced fighter who is ready for competition in Thailand requires both good physical conditioning and a reasonably solid skillset and sound technique. Anyone sufficiently lacking in any of those departments would not be permitted to fight, put themselves at risk and represent the gym in a way that would be counter-productive to our reputation and growth.

In preparation for competition, you will spar with Maximum Gym trainers and fighters, as well as other guests who are preparing for bouts of their own: contact sparring in controlled conditions is necessary and the ideal way to condition yourself physically and mentally and develop the tools in order to actually compete in the ring for real.

At Maximum Gym MMA & Muay Thai training camp Patong Beach, Phuket – as with any other serious Muay Thai camp in any part of Thailand – preparing for a fight will not be easy for the would-be participant. Muay Thai is a dangerous combat sport whose participants use eight limbs to damage their opponent; there are significant risks involved for any competitor and as professionals, we take our job to prepare you for the ring and for your opponent as seriously as possible.

Maximum Gym’s fighter training program is an active one, with full-time sponsored Muay Thai fighters and guests who wish to compete alike, and we have fights each month available for any would-be competitors who we deem at a suitable level of prowess and fitness to be able to compete.

Maximum Gym will push you to be the best fighter you can be. The trainers that work with you everyday will be with you every step of the way: from the coaching process to mental preparation, fitness, to fight night itself; taping and wrapping your hands, applying oil and liniment, planning strategy and then cornering you through the fight itself. All are experienced in Muay Thai, having trained and been involved with the sport since childhood, and with many hundreds of fights between them and experience coaching, they will guide you through the process as they have so many other countless times as is now natural to them.

At Maximum, we believe that in order to fight like a Thai, you must learn, prepare and train like a Thai. Here, you have that opportunity, while learning and preparing in the very best of surroundings in a plush new facility right on the beachfront with brand new equipment, bags, rings and cage, a full and world class gym and expert staff.

If for whatever reason you are unable to meet the payments for training, yet you can demonstrate to the trainers a sincere interest and passion in learning and training Muay Thai, concessions on price can be negotiated with the management of Maximum Fitness & Combat Centre if we feel you are a sufficiently passionate student who has a sincere determination to master the art under our banner.