“The Fastest Growing Sport in the World”.

Such is the moniker given to MMA or Mixed Martial Arts, the most comprehensive form of professional and sanctioned fightsport existing in the world today. Known as “cagefighting” by many in the west (due to mainstream media coverage) and most associated with American organisation The Ultimate Fighting Championship – more commonly known as UFC – the sport has become a familiar spectacle and has grown rapidly in all corners of the globe.

Thailand, the mecca of Muay Thai and home of stand-up fightsport, is no exception.

With Bangkok’s DARE, Ko Samui’s Friday Night Fight Night (FNFN) and probably many more to come, Thailand saw promotions finally start to host MMA events on its soil in recent years. And in those years, the country saw a great deal more martial artists and aspiring fighters flock to its shores with the intention to become proficient in something other than Muay Thai.

In present day Thailand, skilled Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players and high calibre wrestlers, pro-MMA fighters and submission grapplers coach thousands of young fighters looking to hone their skills in the grappling aspects of MMA whilst learning the best stand-up martial art in its cultural and spiritual home. As such, MMA in Thailand is booming, and just as thousands of people continue to flock here to learn the art of Muay Thai from its true masters, a small but growing percentage of them now come here to learn grappling and how to become a skilled and well-rounded Mixed Martial Artist too.

Here at Maximum, we have a dedicated team of qualified Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructors and players, grapplers and of course, experienced Muay Thai veterans coaching the stand-up aspects of MMA.

MFCC has submission grappler, BJJ brown belt and Mixed Martial Artist Mike Orlandini coaching the BJJ and grappling arts involved in MMA, and with his wealth of experience and affiliation with Brazilian Top Team he is a known and accomplished grappler in the jiu jitsu community and an integral part of MFCC. Alongside Mike is a dedicated team of Muay Thai professionals covering the world’s ultimate striking art, with experience fighting in Bangkok’s Lumpinee, Rajadamnern and Channel 7 Stadiums – in other words, they have competed at the very forefront of the sport at its very highest level, and all have upwards of two hundred victories each in the squared circle.
Two high calibre and exclusive strength & conditioning coaches are on hand to assist with your power and endurance building alongside the fight training program.


Asia is no different to the rest of the world regarding the Mixed Martial Arts boom, and more and more non-Asian fighters continue to flock to fight on Asian shores.

Now that the Japanese scene has dried up, the growth of MMA elsewhere in Asia such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China and the Philippines means that there are more promotions now than ever, and thus, more great opportunities for more fighters.

Maximum Gym is looking to sustain a full-time fight team of professionals who are able to compete at the highest level in Asia, be it for One Fighting Championship, who are based in Singapore but stage events across various other South-East Asian countries, or Hong Kong’s Legend FC, South Korean juggernaut Road FC, the URCC or PXC in the Philippines, or even DARE Fightsports or FNFN (Friday Night Fight Night) right here in Thailand – professional fights are available in Bangkok, Ko Samui, and “smoker fights” under amateur rules are available at some of the events staged in other parts of Thailand, including Phuket.

Whichever country, or even if it is right here on Thai soil, there are many opportunities for serious competitors to gain ring-time and fight professionally on the Asian stage, and Maximum Fitness & Combat Centre has a connection to various avenues in which you could compete.

The sport of MMA is expanding and growing in Asia, and increasing numbers of opportunities are now available to those Mixed Martial Artists based in Asia. Maximum Fitness & Combat Centre has links and connections with a range of MMA promotions & events, and if you are ready and of sufficient calibre as we deem fit to represent the gym, we can offer you the opportunity to compete in Mixed Martial Arts here in Asia.

With ESPN Star Sports and other broadcasters who reach millions of Asian homes now truly behind the sport, and the mainstream media becoming increasingly receptive to the events, more events and more exposure is a by-product of the natural course that the sport’s growth has taken it to.

If YOU have a professional pedigree and would be interested in training and fighting out of and representing Maximum Gym, Patong Beach, Phuket Thailand, then send an email to ?? and we will ascertain if you are currently at the level required in order to represent the team and gym as a Maximum fighter.