Along with the combat centre at Maximum we have a state-of-the-art gym equipped with brand new equipment, weights and machines to provide for your every strength & conditioning, muscle building, fat loss and all needs.

From a full free weights section to every single machine and apparatus that you could possibly require to strengthen or condition any part of your body, we have at our disposal and for your use the full selection of brand new gym equipment in the best facility that Phuket, Thailand has to offer.

The latter part is an extremely useful addition to Maximum Fitness & Combat Centre; in any gym there are inevitably injuries from overtraining or incorrect form or technique, and this is heightened threefold in a combat centre. A fightsport gym will see its fair share of soreness, sprains, tears, bumps and bruises, cuts, breaks and more; having such a qualified strength & conditioning coach with rehabilitation expertise is vital to the resumption of training of those who are injured and subsequently shelved for longer than they need to be.

Our coaches has years and years of working with injuries of all kinds and her expertise is greatly valued and utilised at Maximum Fitness & Combat Centre.

Even better, with her knowledge and experience in weight loss, supplementation and diet, she can provide crucial help to those preparing for fights or simply those working towards specific goals; be it in size, strength, fitness or tone. As you can imagine, these are key areas in the fight game and an extremely useful aspect of MFCC.

Darryn is an extremely qualified and experienced member of the Maximum Fitness & Combat Centre staff too, and will be more than equipped to help you achieve your personal goals that you set out for in your training holiday and your time at MFCC!

Maximum Fitness & Combat Centre is a world class facility; not merely for the beachfront location in Thailand, but also due to the fact that we are staffed by high level, dedicated and experienced professionals who are all skilled and more than equipped to help you achieve whatever goals you set out to achieve here.