CrossFit Patong Beach

CrossFit Journal: The Performance-Based Lifestyle Resource

CrossFit has been inspired by both a mixture of High-Intensity Interval Training, it’s a new and innovative way to blitz body fat with a very diverse take on each and every class.

CrossFit Strength & Conditioning class applies hands-on coaching around the concepts of gymnastic strength training, Olympic weightlifting, Mobility work and movement practice development.

We help structure the foundations you need for self-development and improvement, but more importantly, build confidence that before you may not have had in the gym. We have an extremely high emphasis when it comes to attention to detail so that not only do you benefit from every session with us but every single repetition you do throughout each session.

 In our strength and conditioning we cover;

•Sports Specific Movements
•Plyometric training
•Functional training
•Movement for general wellbeing

Our CrossFit Trainer has had over a decade of experience in the Fitness industry working in some of Finland’s most prestigious and well-renowned gyms.

Our Trainer has a huge all-around background in fitness. There is nothing our trainers can’t do ranging from weights training (hypertrophy), HIIT and even sports rehabilitation work.

Tailoring each session specific to the client goals, There is no one more capable of helping you achieve your results & more importantly fast!

CrossFit classes running Monday – Friday 9am – 10am, 5pm – 6pm, 6.15pm – 7.15pm.

Saturday 9am – 10am.

Our Trainer

Tomi Kaaria is a CrossFit coach/ box owner / from Finland, He has been a CF coach for over 7 years, As a coach, Tomi gets a huge motivation from being able to actually change peoples lives literally and see how regular people change into athletic healthy living people. And to see the physical changes in their bodies.

“What motivates me as an athlete, is the fact that you’re never ready. You can always learn new skills, you can always be faster & stronger. And of course the general diversity of CF. Same goes without saying also in coaching. You’re never ready, you can always be a better coach and learn more about everything…”

“I feel like I’m actually helping people and making a change. That’s cool.”

His goal is to stay healthy and help as many people to get fit and healthy as he can.